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Standing in front of the house

Main room: View of closet along the southern wall.

Efficient natural gas heat keeps this house toasty warm even on the coldest nights. View of east wall and southeast corner of main living area. The main room was split (next to the wall furnace), adding the bedroom shown in the floor plan since this picture was taken.

Kitchen: Efficient use of space, featuring a breakfast bar to the right of the shot which adjoins both the living area and the kitchen.

Image taken while standing in the main living area. On the left is closet space. Dead ahead is a doorway into the laundry room. Washer/dryer are provided, though not shown in this picture. Hallway to the right of this shot leads to the front of the house.

Bedroom area: facing southern wall.

Main room: facing eastern wall. Since this picture was taken, the main room was split (right of the furnace) to create a bedroom area to the right.

View of kitchen area while standing at the breakfast bar in the main living area.

Main living area: view of northern wall on left, eastern wall on right.

View of northern wall of living area. Notice the breakfast bar on the left of the shot.

View from main living area looking towards the kitchen on the left.

View from main living area looking towards the front door. Kitchen is on the right. On the very left edge of the image, you can see the edge of the laundry room door. Bathroom is the last door on the left in this image.

Kitchen: Double kitchen sink, classic gas stove.

Kitchen: View of refrigerator and stove. Note the large amount of storage space in the kitchen area.

Kitchen: Newer refrigerator (included).

Hallway: Facing bathroom door. Entrance to house is to the right of this picture.

Main living area: looking towards the front of the house. Hallway leads to front door. Kitchen shown on right.

Another view of the kitchen with breakfast bar, as viewed from the main living area.

Bathroom: Full tub/shower. Storage shelves are located to the right of the shower, though not shown.

Bathroom also features a full tub/shower and storage area to the right (not shown).

Standing in hallway looking into the full bathroom.